Ergonomic and modern music player designed for audiophiles

Bluemindo's user interface consists of a main view of all your digitized album discs, which is searchable and filterable. The playback mode is gapless and support ReplayGain (it can also automatically choose to switch between Album and Track modes, depending on the kind of music that's being played). Last but not least, it brings playlist (automatic and user-made), MPRIS2.2 support (to control your music player via the operating system) and lyrics & artwork downloading in the bakcground.

It's a free software (free as in freedom) distributed under GPLv3 terms and written in Python 3.x using GSTreamer 1.x and GTK 3.x. Made with ❤️ for GNU/Linux users and available in your Debian repositories.

If you have any problems using the software, please let me know by filling a bug report. You can check the source-code here:

svn co
Download Bluemindo 1.0RC1